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VP Global Private Equity Group

We are working with a global private equity firm, who are looking to add a VP to their European team. The role: The Vice President will work alongside members of the team to evaluate and execute new investment opportunities Specific Responsibilities The Vice President will: A. Analyse New Investment Opportunities on a global basis: i) Review: • Research, analyse and evaluate a variety of investment opportunities including assisting the overall evaluation process • Build complex dynamic financial models to analyse investment opportunities (including testing assumptions and sensitivities) • Perform due diligence on opportunities including past and projected financial performance, quality of management teams, investment merits and risks, expected returns, regulatory environment, industry dynamics and other relevant factors • Coordinate and manage engagement of due diligence advisors – request for proposals, definition of scope • Review 3rd party due diligence reports (legal, accounting, industry strategic reviews, environmental, etc.) • Perform valuation analysis, including DCF, precedent transactions and comparable company analysis • Meet with company management and review past performance, strategy, outlook, regulatory and industry issues, and other relevant topics as required ii) Recommend: • Attend and participate in investment recommendation meetings • Prepare investment recommendations for Senior Management and Investment Committee B. Execute Investments: • Assist with the overall execution of investments including implementation of investment structures • Liaise with investment partners and advisors C. Monitor Investments: • Coordinate monitoring of on-going investments • Monitor on-going financial and operational performance of investments • Assist in performing valuation reviews for investments • Assist in monitoring potential exit alternatives (including public market conditions and potential strategic partners) • Assist in building and leveraging relationships with portfolio company management teams • Prepare briefing documents for key decision-makers D. Build the Team: • Participate in and contribute to weekly team meetings • Share knowledge by coordinating and entering information into the internal database for both existing and prospective investments • Other relevant duties and projects as assigned Position Requirements • An excellent academic record with a relevant degree or equivalent professional qualification • VP to Director level + professional from a private equity fund/ possibly an outstanding investment banker • Experience researching, analysing and evaluating investment opportunities including valuation analyses (involving DCF, precedents and comparable company analysis), review and commentary on past and projected financial performance, quality of management teams, investment merits and risks, expected returns, regulatory environment and industry dynamics. • Experience instructing, co-ordinating and managing 3rd party advisers in relation to M&A and joint venture transactions, executing acquisitions and implementing acquisition structures and joint venture arrangements and reviewing and commenting on diligence reports prepared by 3rd party advisers (including legal, accounting and commercial due diligence reports) • Experience conducting meetings with management of potential investment companies and reviewing and commenting on past performance, strategy, outlook, regulatory and industry issues