Sourcing Methods

Database Search

Often a database search, where our research team analyses our comprehensive list of specialised industry professionals, is the most effective method of identifying a strong shortlist of candidates. Our research team constantly identifies new talent in our target areas and improves and develops our database to ensure clients are provided with up to date information about the best in their chosen markets.

Advertised Search

In many cases, where a position requires a more specialised set of skills, advertised selection is appropriate. Our consultants, working from a detailed client brief, will project manage the recruitment process from beginning to end. This will include response handling, interviewing and screening all potential candidates, providing clients with a detailed shortlist of candidates and working with both client and candidate through offer to acceptance stage.

Executive Search

On occassion it is appropriate to undertake a targetted and discrete headhunting assignment for clients, drawing up both long and shortlists of candidates to approach with regards to a particular key position. Often the profile required is so specific, or the case so sensitive, that it is the most appropriate recruitment tool. Working closely with our clients and drawing upon our extensive market contacts, we thoroughly screen individuals for their suitability for particular roles.

Practice Mapping

Our research team actively and continuously maps accounting firms, investment banks where we do not have preferred supplier status, consulting firms and private equity funds. Whatever search technique you choose, we aim to offer clients access to the very bst professionals in competitor or target firms.

Social Networking Sites

Greenwich Partners have embraced and welcomed the changes which social networking sites have offered recruiters, and we actively utilise such sites to identify talent. Again, these media sites would be used as standard practice in any assignment.